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SMOG is an official Mac User Group dedicated to helping Mac users, IOS users, and Apple TV users in Southern California.

SMOG happens on the second Saturday morning of every month, with the meeting from 9 a.m. to noon. Our next three meeting dates are April 9,  May 7 and June 11.  Click on the Calendar link above for more information on the next meeting.

Our meetings offer an open-to-all Question & Answer session, demonstrations of software, hardware, and better ways to use your Mac. In addition, you’ll meet friendly people who love to use their Macs and are eager to exchange ideas and knowledge with you.

For more information, or to be added to our SMOG Alert meeting notice list, write to SMOGINFO (at) ICLOUD.COM. In that e-mail address, please replace the “(at)” and the spaces before and after the “(at)” with the “@” symbol. We have typed the e-mail address this way to protect ourselves from spammers.

SMOG does not rent, sell or give member or inquiry information - such as your name or e-mail address - to any outsiders.

Note: We accept e-mailed questions from visitors as well as members, but can only answer these questions at our meetings. We are a volunteer group and cannot e-mail answers.

Only active members, first-time visitors, and helper animals may attend our meetings.  Lapsed members who arrive with their dues payments in hand also are welcome to attend.

The famous techie radio talk-show host Leo Laporte recently cited SMOG as a particularly good user group for Mac users.  We’re also a good Mac user group for those who use Windows at work, but want to learn more about Apple products.

We at SMOG share opinions based on experience and knowledge. We encourage you to use your best judgment about how to apply or ignore these opinions.

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Southern California Macintosh Owners Users Group
Helping Mac & iOS users since September 1991

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